The benefits of orthodontic treatment will last a lifetime if you keep these important patient responsibilities in mind:

Invisible Retainers

We have removed the braces and made you a set of removable clear retainers. The retainers will RETAIN the position of your teeth. Please wear them FULL TIME for the next 2 days and nights; then just at night while you sleep.

Rules for Wearing Invisible Retainers

  • Take them out of your mouth to eat, or drink.
  • When not in your mouth keep them in the retainer box.
  • Keep away from pets; they like to use them as chew toys.
  • Wear every night to prevent the teeth from shifting.
  • If your retainer feels too tight it means the teeth are trying to shift. WEAR THEM MORE until tightness abates.
  • If you lose the retainers or they break etc., we will need to make a new mold and replace the retainer.
  • Retainer Brite is the recommended product to keep your retainers clean.

Permanent Retainers

We have placed a permanent retainer behind your front teeth. This retainer will RETAIN the position of these teeth while the remaining permanent teeth erupt. We typically remove this retainer once all the permanent teeth have erupted. At that time either a removable retainer is made or further orthodontics is begun.

Rules for Wearing Permanent Retainers

  • Be careful biting into foods with the front teeth to prevent breakage of the retainer.
  • Keep the teeth and gums clean around the retainer. An oral irrigator like a Waterpik works well.
  • If teeth seem to be moving or spacing, the retainer may be broken. Call our office right away for repair.

Forsus Springs

Forsus springs have been used with great success throughout the world for many years to treat “Overbites.” The springs take the place of Headgear and extractions. In the majority of cases, the appliance can be used in lieu of jaw surgery to correct overbites.

Forsus springs work by a combination of tooth movement and jaw “growth.” Unlike headgear, it does not require constant parental nagging or patient cooperation. It is there doing the job of overbite correction “24/7.” Results can be seen in 6 – 9 months.