First Visit

At your first visit to our office, you will get acquainted with our facility and staff.

Our treatment coordinator will give you a tour of our office and guide you through your orthodontic examination.

We will take two orthodontic X-rays of the teeth and jaws:

  • The first X-ray is a Panorex, which shows us root length, root angulations, and third molar positions.
  • The second X-ray is a Cephalometric Lateral Head, which shows us the inclination of the teeth, the bone surrounding the teeth, and relative jaw positions.

Dr. Burstein then performs an examination of the teeth, bite and jaws to determine what the orthodontic needs are. Dr. Burstein will explain what the problems are and how best to solve them. We will send a written summary of our findings and recommendations along with photos to you and your dentist. Your dentist will also receive the Panorex X-ray for their files.

Our treatment coordinator also gives you all the financial and insurance information you will need. We have flexible monthly payment plans including a no-money-down option for qualified patients.

Digital Photographs

We also take digital photographs of the teeth and bite to visualize and document the initial position of the teeth.


Shows root length, root angulations and, third molar position.


Cephalometric Lateral Head Film

Shows inclination of the teeth, the bone surrounding the teeth, and relative jaw positions.

Digital Photographs

Pictures of the teeth and bite to visualize and document the initial position of the teeth.

Scheduling Next Appointments

Our goal is to serve our patients in a prompt and efficient manner, as we know your time is valuable. Typically appointments are every 4-6 weeks.

  • Longer appointments (starting and finishing treatment) are scheduled during school hours. In this way, an entire morning or afternoon is not committed to one or two patients, but rather, is scheduled to accommodate as many patients as possible.
  • Shorter appointments are scheduled either before or after school to accommodate as many patients as possible. We ask that these morning and afternoon appointments be alternated to allow a fair distribution of appointment times for all patients. If you wish to come to the office during a more quiet time, please request an appointment during school hours.
  • Prompt arrival for appointments is crucial. Because our schedule is so carefully designed, late arrival can lead to problems. In fairness to other scheduled patients, we may not be able to accomplish your entire prescheduled procedure and therefore find it necessary to reschedule your appointment.
  • Emergencies (loose bracket, broken wire) may occur during treatment. Please call our office for assistance. After hours, our message service will direct you to contact one of our on-call staff members.

Inclement Weather Policy

Winter in Atlanta can turn icy and treacherous on any given day. In consideration of the health and safety of you, our patients and parents, as well as our staff, we have developed the following:

If Fulton or Cobb County Schools are CLOSED due to inclement weather, our OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED.

If the National Weather Service gives us advanced warning of possible inclement weather, we will endeavor to notify those patients whose appointments may be affected. Thank you for understanding that we have your safety in mind.

One doctor, one focus – your smile! Schedule your first visit at Burstein Orthodontics today.